Mocking in C++

Frances Buontempo from BuontempoConsulting

ACCU London's July 2011 talk was about mocking in C++, given by Ed Sykes and hosted by 7 City.

Ed talked about MockItNow and Hippomocks. He pointed out, as has been said many times before Mocks aren't Stubs.

I can no longer remember all the details so will have to try these out for myself to see how they work.

Many thanks to Ed for a great talk, though.

Another good reason to keep source file sizes small

The Lone C++ Coder's Blog from The Lone C++ Coder's Blog

Merging a file between SCM branches that is several thousand lines in size and has significant changes in both branches is a good way to have an unpleasant day, even if the SCM that’s being used has good support for cross-branch merging. Yes, I know, ideally one tries to make sure that two branches don’t diverge that far but that’s not always possible, especially if there are significant changes to the design that affect the merge.