If you want to remove a (C++) project from a Visual Studio 2010 solution

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… make sure that you have removed all dependencies on the project that you are about to remove before you remove the project from the solution. If you don’t, the projects that still have dependencies on the project you just removed will retain the dependencies, but the dependencies will have become invisible and the only way to rid yourself of the “phantom dependencies” is by editing the actual vxcproj files with a text editor and remove the dependency entry in there manually.

Flashmob daily scrum

Frances Buontempo from BuontempoConsulting

I think our team is too big to hold a daily scrum meeting, so I turned to a couple of people near me on Wednesday and asked "What did you do yesterday? What are you doing today? What's holding you up?"
I answered as well.
The next day, I did the same again with a different group of people, announcing "Flash-mob scrum" as we started.
Today I rounded up a couple of people from previous days and we "flash-mob scrummed" by two new people. I'm hoping it might just work.
This was done in a spirit of TCC, larking about, but based on previous practice, which is vital for TCC. The team seem to be talking to each other bit more too.