Really useful Xcode plugins

Pete Goodliffe from Pete Goodliffe

I'm a happy Xcode user, mainly using it for C++ programming. It's a relatively nice IDE (except for when I need to break out the big guns and fire up Vim for heavy lifting).

There are a few plugins that make it an even nicer IDE.

This is as much a note to myself as anyone else.

One of the plugins that highlights the current cursor line. I have no idea why Xcode still doesn't do this by default.

Fuzzy Autocomplete
Makes autocomplete work on steroids, like the Open Quickly fuzzy matching. Nice.

Puts a wee "mini map" beside your scrollbar. Can be useful if you write insane unnavigable source files. (Hint: aim for code that doesn't need it)

Hides the debugger view as soon as you start typing into the editor. Handy. Saves a common keystroke.

Quite keyboard shortcut for adjust font sizes. Useful as I switch between a retina display and various monitor sizes depending on where I'm working.

CTRL-] and [ navigate up and down by block.

Command + left arrow goes to the first non whitespace character, like any sane editor should.

One i'm just trying out. I find this kind of alignment can help reveal code intent, although it adds extra work to maintain. So let's make the computer do the work. Command-shift-X