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Kathy Sierra on 'Motivation Matters' at Business of Software Europe
Our founder Anna attended the Business of Software Europe Conference in Cambridge last week, and it was quite something indeed. Although the Business of Software Conference has been running for several years in the USA, this is the first year an event has been held in Europe (and what better a place than Cambridge?). The conference covered everything from live Python telephony to the psychology of the internet and the organisation and management of sales teams, so it was pretty diverse. If you are interested in more than just coding, this is an event we can strongly recommend. Photos and videos from the conference should be online soon, so if you are interested please stay tuned.

Sprinkler controller upgrade part II – the Pi(e)s have arrived

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The Raspberry Pis have landed. Guess which box contains the sensitive electronics and is worth about twice as much as the other one: That’s right: Geez Amazon, what is it about the shoddy packing when it comes to items that are bought via Amazon Fulfillment Services? This is not the first time I got something that can only be described as badly packaged. The OpenSprinkler kit has also arrived, all I’m currently waiting for is a smaller memory card as the regular SD cards I bought are a little to big to fit into the OpenSprinkler case.